Episode 44

44. Is Having a Fart Fetish Weird?

Published on: 9th February, 2022

Olfactophilia is an interesting topic of discussion in today’s world. It is an intense, overwhelming love of the smell of a particular person. Dr. Helen Fisher, an American anthropologist and biological anthropologist coined the term. It is used to describe the romantic love that one experiences after first smelling them or being with them for a short time.

In this episode of The Pick Truth Podcast, hosts Dr. Vicky Harris & LaMont Hearn Jr. read and rate some sweet, emotional, weird, and crazy confession stories of a guy crazily aroused sexually by farts. They also rate the confession of a guy who loves taking out his manhood while alone in the office. The rating ranges from Bell Pepper, Poblano, Jalapeno, Thai Chili, and Reaper. Do you want to hear more about these truths?

Tune in now!


[01:01] Week’s overview

[04:25] We would like to try something new on our show

[05:11] Question of the Week

[05:15] “How do you describe your job to a five-year-old?”

[07:11] Hey there! Join our Facebook community, and let’s hear your replies

[07:46] 1st Truth/Confession

[08:03] “I have a weird fart fetish.”

[08:28] LaMont’s comments and views on the truth

[10:52] This truth can’t hurt someone, so it's a Poblano for Lamont

[12:44] Vicky wants to know how he asks somebody to fart for him

[16:17] Guy who admitted to Vicky that he craves anal sex on an unclean browneye

[22:55] Vicky’s advice to those who are dating

[23:44] It’s also a Poblano for Vicky

[25:14] 2nd Truth/Confession

[25:26] “I take it out at work a lot.”

[26:01] Why would he pull it out. Is it big? - Vicky

[27:29] Why Vicky gives it a Jalapeno and a Thai Chili

[29:37] It’s a Thai Chili for LaMont, but also leaning towards a Reaper

[28:51] Reason why LaMont gives it a Reaper

[34:39] Ending show and calls to action


● “Don’t dish it if you can't take it.”

● “When dating, slowly is the fastest route to know everything about your partner.”

● “If you don’t want anybody to shame you, don’t talk about their body.”

● “People want to be heard. So be patient and let them spill all the beans.”


● Bell Pepper - Very mild Truth

● Poblano - Your Truth could irritate others.

● Jalapeno - Spicy Truth (we are giving you a side-eye)

● Thai Chili - WTF, I'm judging you.

● Reaper - Take this Truth to your deathbed


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